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Loss Prevention

Every business should have a loss prevention plan in place. AGOS offers you its expertise to put in place an effective prevention plan that will allow you to reduce your costs, prevent leaks and losses linked to internal fraud and improve the management of your inventories. Consider, then, delegating your loss prevention services to professionals.

For AGOS, loss prevention is a form of proactive intervention that involves taking the necessary measures to prevent the risk of incidents that could lead to loss. Delegating this service to AGOS not only guarantees you efficient management of your losses within your company, but also greatly facilitates the task of your managers and your human resources employees. Indeed, you will benefit from an innovative vision on the loss prevention strategy.

We also insist on the continuous training of our agents and we constantly renew our policies and procedures to ensure better results. Our officers train extensively and regularly on compliance with requirements and the management of arrest situations without the use of force or aggression. We want to protect our agents and clients from all forms of violence.

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