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Executive Protection in Morocco

To ensure the safety of people exposed to a high level of risk, the executive protection service in Morocco is essential. It can be an elite bodyguard as well as a secure people transport solution.

At AGOS, executive protection is a necessary measure for people who may be at potential risk because of their job, fame, fortune, social background or any other reason that might make them a target of physical attack or other danger.

We have carefully trained our teams. For AGOS, each client is treated in a personalized and unique way, taking into consideration their environment, the nature of the risk and the most recent security information. In addition to the physical protection service, our executive and VIP protection solutions involve detailed planning and preliminary preparations using new methods of counter surveillance, counterterrorism and intelligence analysis.

Our secure transportation teams are made up of qualified and experienced professionals with a perfect knowledge of all the areas and routes. We offer an in-depth study of the area visited, an analysis of the routes during each trip in Morocco. In the event of an incident, we provide an immediate change of vehicles and plans even during the mission or crisis. In addition, we ensure a diversified transportation fleet to correspond to different profiles and according to the specific needs of each client. Our expertise is reflected in the confidence of many potential clients both nationally and internationally “Fortune 500 & Fortune 100”.

Our executive protection service is available for the main cities of Morocco: Marrakech, Casablanca, Rabat and Tangier. For more information, please contact us.

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