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We welcome applications from people seeking a career with one of the fastest growing and highest quality companies in the service industry. We expect a great deal from our employees and we take very good care of them in return.

TOP five Reasons to join AGOS:

  • Top pay rates

AGOS Security is one of the highest paying companies in the security industry and we believe our people are worth it.

  • Promotion From Within

Our Philosophy in promoting from within, coupled with our strong record of growth, has provided countless opportunities for our members to grow within our company. With our extensive training programs and impressive growth, members of AGOS can easily develop a successful career path within our company.

  • Open Communication & Feedback Mechanisms

AGOS listens closely to our staff members. Not only do we hold regularly scheduled site meetings, site supervisor meetings and management meetings, but we also conduct extensive employee surveys at least once a year. The ‘Performance Review Report” solicits advice and suggestions from our staff on how we can improve the delivery of our services.

We are a company that believes in constant and never ending improvement and the motivation for change comes from both our clients and our people. This is the foundation upon which AGOS was built and one of the reasons why our company oversaw tremendous growth within the industry.

  • Employee Care Coordinator

Many companies in our industry talk about their commitment to their people, but few demonstrate their commitment through their actions. To ensure that our staff members are supported and valued, we have created a position called the Employee Care Coordinator.

The Employee Care Coordinator is responsible for putting together programs and systems that increase the overall satisfaction of our large and varied workforce.

  • Accommodating Shift Schedules

A career at AGOS does not have to mean sacrificing all of your spare time and compromising your life’s schedule. Whether you are looking for full-time or part-time work, we will work with you to find a shift schedule and a location that works for you.

AGOS value the cultural diversity of our staff. We offer flexibility in scheduling to accommodate students, family caregivers and part-time personnel.

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